Mastering & Restoration

We are here to master your tracks, ready for mass-production. We have a selection of finely chosen tools alongside a stellar playback and analysis system so we can be sure your music goes out sounding great on any playback system. We are setup to provide you with WAVs, MP3, DDP images, FLAC, AAC & almost any other audio format you could want.

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Mastering & Restoration

Excellent listening environment with linear speakers, extraordinary digital stages, analytical headphone systems and Vovox cabling means we can do everything from fine tweaking to deep restoration with files up to resolutions of 32bit 192Khz.

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Carefully selected Tools

The latest digital tools such as DSP-Quattro 5, Izotope RX 7, Airwindows and Goodhertz dithering and Finalcd SRC means that your music is in good hands and we use careful and evolving techniques to make sure your music sounds as good as it can in any format.


Contact us

Get in touch to ask about what can be done. Almost everything can be accommodated from albums and singles, music and dialog restoration, podcasts and much more.