Dario Lozano-Thornton is a Spanish-Irish recording engineer, musician and programmer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2017. In 2015 he studied electroacoustic music, recording, Supercollider programming and multichannel audio in Concordia University Montreal. Since 2015 he has been working as a recording engineer and he has a particular interest in capturing acoustic music, to digital or analog mediums. In 2016 he graduated from Newcastle University in the top 1 % of his year, studying Music with a specialisation in guitar and recording. In 2016 he worked as the assistant recording engineer at Jazz North-East until 2017. Since moving to Halifax he has recorded for the Obey Convention, the Scotia Festival of Music and worked with many different acts around the province and across Canada.

Dario has a keen love of Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk, Free Jazz and Electroacoustic music.

His setup can be battery powered and portable, recording digitally using a Sound Devices 744T recorder. He is also comfortable with analog recording, even on location.