Recent Portfolio


Ceitidh Macleod - Cool of the Day

Ceitidh is a good friend of mine for many years and it has been a fascinating process to record her because I never felt I captured her intimate singing style with her fierce cello playing quite right until this session. We hope to put together an EP soon of similar music! The two mics in the picture were all that was used and it's a live take!

Martha Hill - Blue Moon

I have been working with Martha for a couple of years now and she is an incredibly talented musician and a marvellous songwriter. I engineered and mixed this track and her singing still sends shivers down my spine. Check it out!

Tobias Illingworth - Aka Erada

I have lived next door to Tobias and recorded him a few times. When he approached me asking me to record some new material he was working on, we had to find an approach which would quickly, but in the highest possible quality, capture his improvised songs and performances. In the link there is more info on the recording of this album...

Little Preacher Buck - In the Evening

Preacher and I have been working together planning out a straight to 2-track reel to reel tape production for a while and we have been testing out different rooms, trying to get it sounding perfect. This was one of the first, digital, demos we did on a broken steel string guitar and the scrapes and slides help to give it the Alan Lomax/Moses Asch/Early Chess sound we've been looking for. That's a style I've been trying to hunt down for a while...

Martha Hill - Blindfold

I love to record in interesting spaces and for the past few months I have been recording in Curvy Sounds on Heaton Hall Road in Heaton. The beautiful shop surrounded with amazing and unusual instruments has a breathtaking reverb that seems to inspire everyone who plays there. Andrew and Jess, who own it, are also the loveliest people I know and have created a beautiful community around Curvy Sounds. I dare you to not spend the rest of the day humming Blindfold.

Kentucky Cow Tippers

I recorded Niles and Rupert from the Kentucky Cow Tippers playing a ripping version of the classic Whiskey Before Breakfast one day sitting in my spare room.

Dario Lozano-Thornton - 42 Rokeby Terrace

This was a lot of fun for me to make as it is my first album that I released and it had a host of amazing players coming along to help me. It is fully improvised music pretending to be finished blues and jazz music. Take a listen, recorded, written, mixed and mastered by me!

Alga - Patina

Daniel Egdell is a brilliant producer and I've always been jealous of his ability to stretch out ideas into stunning and danceable electronic epics. I usually work with acoustic music, but it was awesome to help in the mixing and do the mastering of this song.

Lily Jackson & Dario L-T - Jim

This is a beautiful old jazz song, which Lily loves. We decided to quite an ersatz cover of it in an afternoon and it came out quite beautifully! Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan have fantastic renditions of it which you should check out.